6774 – Die Storage Rack

Stores 72 x 300 Ibs mold and/or dies on an assembly line

6752 – Die Storage Rack

For storing 4,500 Ib brake dies on the assembly line

6903 – 36 Cell Mold Storage Rack

Accommodates mold storage on lower and upper levels on an assembly line.

6864 – Rail-Mounted Mold Changing Cart

Assists the operator to deliver, extract and load injection mold presses.

6064 – Hydraulic Cylinder Bushing Press

Bushing installation and ergonomically installed bushing along assembly line.

6210 – Bushing Press

Bushing installation and ergonomically installed bushing along assembly line.

6435 – Custom Vertical Hydraulic Press

Engine Assembly production press sliding bolster for ergonomic loading and unloading.

6570-1 – Cam Shaft Gear Press

Presses cam gear onto cam shaft.

6848 – King Pin Press

Presses King Pins into steering knuckles.

6763 – Boogie Wheel Pin Press

Below the hook high capacity pin press utilize to press crawler boogie shafts into idler wheels.

6701 – Boom Docking Station Equipment

Ergonomic operator station with integral hydraulic press.
Ergonomic positioned operator to install pin.

6250 – Housing Rotate Fixture

Work positioner for sub assembly.

6356 – Mold Board Assembly Tilt Table Positioner

Used in production to assemble Mold Boards for Motor Graders.

6577-01E – Sub Assembly OSC Oscillation Joint

Pneumatic/hydraulic powered work positioner for ergonomic assembly positioning.

6621 – Crawler Track Build Stand/Fixture

Safely and ergonomically positions a track frame for sub-assembly.

6622 – Tractor Cab Sub-Assembly

Ergonomic positioning for cab equipment sub-assembly.

6631 – Brake Anchor Roll-over

Hydraulically inverts brake anchors to large mining trucks on heavy equipment assembly lines.

6550 – Casting Rollover Unit

Inverts heavy casting for machining along extensively-used heavy equipment assembly lines.

6662 – Assembly Rollover

Module inverter for heavy equipment assembly lines.

6748 – Below the Hook Lift and Rotate

Grips and rotates sand molds during refractory coating process.

6773 – Feeder House Manipulator

Ergonomic positioning feeder house during assembly.

6887 – Sub-Assembly Stand for Hydraulic Pump

Ergonomic sub-assembly stand for assembly lines

6014 – Hybrid Battery Hoist

Lift device for ergonomic lift of hybrid battery.

6281 – Steel Billets

Lift assist for steel billets.

6327 – Engine Manipulator

Position engine along assembly line.

6449 – Tire Manipulator/Installation Device

Installs tires on wheel loader.

6504 – Module Manipulator

Custom electric vehicle module installation arm.

6551-25 – Underbelly Manipulator

Disposition underbelly pans to excavator.

6570-00 – Custom Arm Articulated Lift Device

Horizontal lift device used in conjunction with overhead work positioner.

6698 – Inverted Manipulator

Ceiling or crane bridge mounted manipulator provides ergonomic lift assist for virtually any object. Custom end tooling available.

6721 – Long Reach Elbow Manipulator

Provide ergonomic lift assist for sub assembly.

6748 – Casting Cores Lift, Rotate and Manipulation Device

To clamp, lift and rotate casting cores in foundry.

6883 – Engine Block Manipulator

Safe and ergonomic lift assistance for personnel to clean and inspect engine blocks.

6956 – Mill Cutter Manipulator

Safe & ergonomic mill cutter installation and removal on heavy equipment assembly lines.

6075 – Transducer Rotate Fixture

The fixture or end effector is designed to grasp the 6” diameter transducer, lock closed and provide rotational freedom.

6375 – Engine Carrier Adapter Lifting Device

To assist operator in lifting adapters on and off engines.

6084 – Tractor Scraper End Bit Lifting Device

Safety and Ergonomic.

6180 – Steering Disable Valve Lift Device

Safety and Ergonomic.

6184 – Lifting Device / Radiator after Coolers

Uniform lifting/safety enhancement.

6209 – Tank Head Vacuum Lift Device

Safety and ergonomic lift of tank head.