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7010 – Tire Manipulator

Lifts and rotates tire.

7003 – Engine Block Manipulator

Lift device for safe & ergonomic lift of engine blocks.

6014 – Hybrid Battery Hoist

Lift device for ergonomic lift of hybrid battery.

6281 – Steel Billets

Lift assist for steel billets.

6327 – Engine Manipulator

Position engine along assembly line.

6449 – Tire Manipulator/Installation Device

Installs tires on wheel loader.

6504 – Module Manipulator

Custom electric vehicle module installation arm.

6551-25 – Underbelly Manipulator

Disposition underbelly pans to excavator.

6570-00 – Custom Arm Articulated Lift Device

Horizontal lift device used in conjunction with overhead work positioner.

6698 – Inverted Manipulator

Ceiling or crane bridge mounted manipulator provides ergonomic lift assist for virtually any object. Custom end tooling available.

6721 – Long Reach Elbow Manipulator

Provide ergonomic lift assist for sub assembly.

6748 – Casting Cores Lift, Rotate and Manipulation Device

To clamp, lift and rotate casting cores in foundry.

6883 – Engine Block Manipulator

Safe and ergonomic lift assistance for personnel to clean and inspect engine blocks.

6956 – Mill Cutter Manipulator

Safe & ergonomic mill cutter installation and removal on heavy equipment assembly lines.