Assembly Machines

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5016 – Transfer Case Assembly/Test

Assembly work station for transfer case.

6182 – Semi-Automated Assembly Workstation for Vehicle Door Handle

Installs clips, cuts gate off, hot stamp date code.

6223 – Headlight Sub-Assembly Station

Sub-assembly machine for headlight stud installation with quality check.

6225 – Multi-station Headlamp Assembly Machine

Headlight assembly with quality check.

6577-00 – ADT Truck OSC Build Fixture

To assist in assembly of truck OSC, providing ergonomic at position for personnel in assembly operation.

6633 – Welding Fixture

To provide a welding fixture to build large weldments.

6705 – Motorgrader Front Axle Build Station

Assembly of front axle.

6710 – Cylinder Liner Inspection Station

Pass/Fail machined liners.

6773 – Feeder Housing Manipulator

To assist in feeder housing assembly, providing ergonomic height and position for personnel in assembly operations.

6821 – Alternator Assembly Fixture

To assist in assembly of 20 different alternators. Created a stand alone fixture and helped to orientate the alternator for pulley and bracket installation.

6822 – Fuel Injector Assembly Device

To assist in the installation and pressing of fuel injectors into the cylinder heads of diesel engines.

6833 – Diesel Engine Piston Lubrication Station for Sub-assembly

Pre-lubricate pistons prior to assembly in diesel engine.

6869 – Piston Ringer

To assist in the installation of piston rings into the ring grooves of pistons.

6870 – Cylinder Head Assembly Line

Moves, inverts, and rotates cylinder heads, and compresses valve spring for ergonomic assembly of cylinder heads.

6570-5 – Cylinder Head Assembly and Test Machine

Provides semi-automated cylinder head assembly and testing.