Load Movement

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7113 – Toe Line Conveyor Dollies

Toe line dolly for custom heavy equipment assembly. Configurable for multiple models.

6997 – Genset Assembly Line Trailer

Assembly transportation of heavy loads.

5008 – Axle Dolly

Moves auto power trains on the automotive assembly line.

5055 – Mouse Unit Automated Guided Vehicle

Mouse Unit for automotive dolly movement on automotive assembly lines.

6106 – Engine Undercover Dolly with Dolly Base

Delivers product to assembly line. Recirculates dunnage to store area.

6147 – Rail-Mounted Dolly with Lift

Assists an operator in transporting and positioning weld fixtures.

6190 – Motor Grader Front Axle Dolly

Used in production to build front axle assemblies for motor graders.

6308 – Rail-Based, Battery-Powered Cart

Load Movement device with a towing capacity of 500,000 Ibs on a heavy equipment assembly line.

6408 – Cab Carrier Dolly

Safely helps an operator shuttle heavy equipment cabs for assembly along the assembly line.

6570-13 – Engine Transporter

Tight quarter forklift for assisting operators in transporting V-16 engines along a heavy equipment assembly line.

6637 – Lift Device and Stand

Designed to lift heavy mining truck frames without rigging.

6640 – Custom, Rail-Mounted Safety Support Dolly with Trailer

Lifts heavy equipment for painting access.

6675 – Free Ranging Tugger

Assists the operator to tug or pull heavy loads on a rail-based assembly line.

6701 – Excavator Boom Installation

Assists an operator in transporting heavy equipment to the end of boom support on the assembly line.