Mold & Die Handling

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5014 – Die Handling Vehicle Custom Battery Tool Changer

Assists in exchanging die to and from press.

6072 – Mold and Die Storage Rack

Provides dense storage for custom-sized mold and die.

5058 – Die Change Turntable

Assists the operator in pre-stage stamping die for quick change in press.

6441 – Heavy Die Storage Rack

The Heavy Die Storage Rack provides storage for 2,000 Ibs dies on an assembly line.

6073 – Mold Changer

Provides a safe and ergonomic way of transferring die and changing tools quickly on an assembly line.

6693 – Bend Brake Die Changer

Provides the operator a safe and ergonomic way of transferring bend brake dies to the die press.

6578 – Six-Position Die Storage Rack

Stores 12,000 Ib dies while they are not in use on an assembly line.

6774 – Die Storage Rack

Stores 72 x 300 Ibs mold and/or dies on an assembly line

6752 – Die Storage Rack

For storing 4,500 Ib brake dies on the assembly line

6903 – 36 Cell Mold Storage Rack

Accommodates mold storage on lower and upper levels on an assembly line.

6864 – Rail-Mounted Mold Changing Cart

Assists the operator to deliver, extract and load injection mold presses.