Lifting Devices

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7067 – Crankshaft Lift Device

The Crankshaft Lift Device is utilized on a large diesel engine assembly line to safely and ergonomically install crankshafts into engine blocks.

7048 – Custom Vacuum Lift Device

Utilized to pick up propane tank end bells in the horizontal orientation, rotate to vertical, and position for the tank assembly.

6075 – Transducer Rotate Fixture

The fixture or end effector is designed to grasp the 6” diameter transducer, lock closed and provide rotational freedom.

6375 – Engine Carrier Adapter Lifting Device

To assist operator in lifting adapters on and off engines.

6084 – Tractor Scraper End Bit Lifting Device

Safety and Ergonomic.

6180 – Steering Disable Valve Lift Device

Safety and Ergonomic.

6184 – Lifting Device / Radiator after Coolers

Uniform lifting/safety enhancement.

6209 – Tank Head Vacuum Lift Device

Safety and ergonomic lift of tank head.

6293 – Sun Gear Lift Device

Safety and ergonomic lift device for sun gear.

6485 – Dual Battery Lifting Device

Provide ability to lift two batteries at the same time.

6570-53 – Valve Cover Installer on V-16 Diesel Engine

Attaches to 8 valve covers simultaneously with vacuum to position covers for install to engine.

6587 – 4 Way Lift Device

Lift device for large mining truck frame.

6604 – Tractor Frame Super Structure Lifting Device

Safety and Ergonomic.

6644 – Self Leveling Carriers

Overhead conveyor direct replacement carrier with self leveling feature for diesel engine.

6748 – Lifting Device for Casting Molds

Inverting sand molds for refractory coating.

6798 – Cylinder Head Lifting Device

To assist operator in lifting cylinder head and assembling to engine.

6904 – Oil Transmission Cooler Core Lifting Device

To assist in lifting oil transmission cooler core.

6840 – Spreader Beam

Designed to lift diesel engines.