7225 – Tiller Drive

The Tiller Drive is used for moving large diesel engines on carts with ease throughout a plant.

7097 – Auto Hammer

The Auto Hammer can be configured to limit repetitive motion injuries anywhere a hammer would be used.

7186 – Track Frame Rollover

This Track Frame Rollover is utilized for the assembly of track frames on a pavement mill cutter.

7185 – Chamber Build Stand Install Shed

Chamber build and install cart for pavement or milling machine cold planer.

7135-2 – Air Bearing Pallet

An air bearing pallet for engine shipping skid alignment.

7018-2 – Custom End-of-Hook Lifting Device

The Custom End-of-Hook Lifting Device is an internal bore-expanding lifting device.

7201 – Control Box Lift Device

The Control Box Lift Device is utilized to lift a control box onto a pavement mill cutter machine during the assembly process.

7145 – Genset Enclosure Lifting Device

The Genset Enclosure Lifting Device provides safe and ergonomic lift assist to personnel along heavy equipment assembly lines.

7231 – Train Gear Lift Device

The train gear lift device provides a safe and ergonomic way to manipulate, lift and rotate gear on a high-volume assembly line.

7029-2 – Single-Cylinder Lazy Susan with Pneumatic Lift

A pneumatic-powered, bench-mounted lazy-susan-style turntable with lift mechanism.

7067 – Crankshaft Lift Device

The Crankshaft Lift Device is utilized on a large diesel engine assembly line to safely and ergonomically install crankshafts into engine blocks.

7100 – Horizontal Pinning Press

Assists heavy equipment assemblers in pinning boom to compactor .

7113 – Toe Line Conveyor Dollies

Toe line dolly for custom heavy equipment assembly. Configurable for multiple models.

7048 – Custom Vacuum Lift Device

Utilized to pick up propane tank end bells in the horizontal orientation, rotate to vertical, and position for the tank assembly.

7066 – Operator Lift Platform

Utilized to position operators vertically to improve ergonomics in a laboratory environment.

6997 – Genset Assembly Line Trailer

Assembly transportation of heavy loads.

7010 – Tire Manipulator

Lifts and rotates tire.

7003 – Engine Block Manipulator

Lift device for safe & ergonomic lift of engine blocks.

5016 – Transfer Case Assembly/Test

Assembly work station for transfer case.

6182 – Semi-Automated Assembly Workstation for Vehicle Door Handle

Installs clips, cuts gate off, hot stamp date code.

6223 – Headlight Sub-Assembly Station

Sub-assembly machine for headlight stud installation with quality check.

6225 – Multi-station Headlamp Assembly Machine

Headlight assembly with quality check.

6577-00 – ADT Truck OSC Build Fixture

To assist in assembly of truck OSC, providing ergonomic at position for personnel in assembly operation.

6633 – Welding Fixture

To provide a welding fixture to build large weldments.

6705 – Motorgrader Front Axle Build Station

Assembly of front axle.

6710 – Cylinder Liner Inspection Station

Pass/Fail machined liners.

6773 – Feeder Housing Manipulator

To assist in feeder housing assembly, providing ergonomic height and position for personnel in assembly operations.

6821 – Alternator Assembly Fixture

To assist in assembly of 20 different alternators. Created a stand alone fixture and helped to orientate the alternator for pulley and bracket installation.

6822 – Fuel Injector Assembly Device

To assist in the installation and pressing of fuel injectors into the cylinder heads of diesel engines.

6833 – Diesel Engine Piston Lubrication Station for Sub-assembly

Pre-lubricate pistons prior to assembly in diesel engine.

6869 – Piston Ringer

To assist in the installation of piston rings into the ring grooves of pistons.

6870 – Cylinder Head Assembly Line

Moves, inverts, and rotates cylinder heads, and compresses valve spring for ergonomic assembly of cylinder heads.

6570-5 – Cylinder Head Assembly and Test Machine

Provides semi-automated cylinder head assembly and testing.

6017 – Hydraulic Power Unit

6133 – Automation Control Panel

6793 – Casting Sand Mold Conveyor System

Utilize in production of sand molds.

5071 – Bodyweld Panel Receiving Conveyor

Offload delivery dollies with pallets of panels on automotive assembly lines.

5073 – Automotive Battery Delivery Conveyor System

Delivers car batteries to an automotive assembly line.

6001 – Door Unloading Conveyor System

To receive pallets of door panels along extensively-used automotive assembly lines.

6099 – Rear AC Blower Delivery Dolly and Unload Push Device

Delivers dolly for AC blowers and overhead load machine.