Work Positioners & Inverters

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7186 – Track Frame Rollover

This Track Frame Rollover is utilized for the assembly of track frames on a pavement mill cutter.

7029-2 – Single-Cylinder Lazy Susan with Pneumatic Lift

A pneumatic-powered, bench-mounted lazy-susan-style turntable with lift mechanism.

6250 – Housing Rotate Fixture

Work positioner for sub assembly.

6356 – Mold Board Assembly Tilt Table Positioner

Used in production to assemble Mold Boards for Motor Graders.

6577-01E – Sub Assembly OSC Oscillation Joint

Pneumatic/hydraulic powered work positioner for ergonomic assembly positioning.

6621 – Crawler Track Build Stand/Fixture

Safely and ergonomically positions a track frame for sub-assembly.

6622 – Tractor Cab Sub-Assembly

Ergonomic positioning for cab equipment sub-assembly.

6631 – Brake Anchor Roll-over

Hydraulically inverts brake anchors to large mining trucks on heavy equipment assembly lines.

6550 – Casting Rollover Unit

Inverts heavy casting for machining along extensively-used heavy equipment assembly lines.

6662 – Assembly Rollover

Module inverter for heavy equipment assembly lines.

6748 – Below the Hook Lift and Rotate

Grips and rotates sand molds during refractory coating process.

6773 – Feeder House Manipulator

Ergonomic positioning feeder house during assembly.

6887 – Sub-Assembly Stand for Hydraulic Pump

Ergonomic sub-assembly stand for assembly lines